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Red Light

from Quest by Demoscene Time Machine



Red light will not develop the shades I lack
In the streetlight, green and blue turn to black
What I feel like I'm missing is something divine
But what I'm really missing is the ability to change my mind

I'll be dreaming of the good times coming again
With problems like these I could really use a friend

Each option has both its good and bad
Is it better to be poor and happy or safe and sad?
The decades passing by won't have to wait
By the time you know what is right it'll be too late


from Quest, released June 25, 2011




Demoscene Time Machine Berlin, Germany

I could've been a classical musician. I started learning the piano at the age of 7, but it all went wrong when I got my hands on a computer. The draw of QBasic's "PLAY" statement was just too strong and thus began a torrential output of electronic music of varying quality pretty much constantly for the last 10 years. ... more

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