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The Greatest Adventure

from Islands by Demoscene Time Machine



The days go by so much faster every year
But this is no good way to pass the time
You break what you make and you give what you take
Until you're back where you were on day one

It's time you realised that this is your life
And it's up to you how to pass the time
So take my hand and let's see where we land
This could be the greatest adventure of our lives

It's easy to wait and hold on for something great
But don't spend too long, it might never come around
Put this record back on the shelf, stop feeling sorry for yourself
Tie your shoes up tight and walk out the door

If you take a chance and ignore all their demands
Your only enemy is your own apathy
So don't delay, and we'll be on our way
Let's go have the greatest adventure of all time


from Islands, released December 17, 2012


all rights reserved



Demoscene Time Machine Berlin, Germany

I could've been a classical musician. I started learning the piano at the age of 7, but it all went wrong when I got my hands on a computer. The draw of QBasic's "PLAY" statement was just too strong and thus began a torrential output of electronic music of varying quality pretty much constantly for the last 10 years. ... more

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